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During a break from my Dream Seminar with the Institute for Dream Studies in South Carolina I took a walk with a sister-dreamer along the beach on Isle of Palms, South Carolina.

Isle of Palms, SC

I was delighted to find a starfish washed up on the shore. I love starfish but I’d never seen one on the beach before.

Laura, who was walking beside me, told me the story of the “Starfish Thrower.” It’s a lovely story about a child who is throwing starfish back into the sea and an adult sees her and asks, “How will you ever make a difference, there are so many starfish in need of help and you can’t possibly save them all.” To which the child replies, “I made a difference for that one, didn’t I?” as she throws the fish back into the sea. As Laura concluded the story we came across yet another starfish. This one was still moist and moving slightly so Laura tossed that one back into the surf.

As we walked it was as if we’d entered the children’s story Laura had just told me. We found starfish after starfish, most already dead, but some still showing signs of life. We sorted through them tossing those still living back into the sea, and collecting the dead fish to bring back to our classmates.

I’m from New England, so I didn’t realize at first how unusual it is to see all these starfish on the shore. Nor did I fully understand how unusual it was that in mid-January we were walking on the beach in South Carolina bundled up in winter coats and scarves on a 40-degree day.

But when we returned to our classmates and told them what we’d seen the locals explained that this winter has seen a huge die-off of fish and sea-life. Unusually cold weather seems to be the cause.

What to do? Here we were, a group of powerful dreamers contemplating the pile of starfish Laura and I had brought back with us. Well, in addition to doing all we can while awake to protect our planet and the multitude of life forms that inhabit it (vote for politicians who care about the environment, focus our time and resources on earth-friendly products, activities and causes, and conserve energy in our homes, etc.) we agreed that we can direct our dreams toward healing the starfish and all sea-life along the South Carolina coast.

Those beautiful starfish can’t wait till 350 Dreamers’ next New Moon Dream in February, so I’m putting out a mid-month call to dream for them!

Please join us and direct your healing dreams, prayers and visions to the marine life that is struggling to survive in the chilly waters down south!

Together we’ll add a new chapter to the “Starfish Thrower” tale. Ours will be called “The Starfish Dreamers.”

One by one, dream by dream, we will make a difference!

Thank you.

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