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“Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth.”

– Chief Seattle

I ran across this quote today when sorting through piles of papers in my “Dreams” files. Next to the quote, which I jotted down over a year ago, I’d written – “share with 350 Dreamers.”

What better time to remember this sentiment than today, just days before our upcoming group dream.

We’ll be dreaming together for our monthly New Moon Dream for global healing on the night of Thursday, October 7. It’s easy to participate. You can read the instructions right here on this site!

Chief Seattle’s quote is said to have been part of a famous speech he allegedly delivered in the 19th Century about ecology and responsibility and respect for the land.

Here we are in the 21st Century, badly in need of wisdom and guidance about how best to balance our material desires and the survival of the environment that supports and sustains our very lives. This quote is just a beginning.

In my pile of papers I also came across another quote form a contemporary visionary who is promoting the message of dreams and healing at all levels:

“In my brighter vision of what is to come, our society will be guided by dream helpers who are dreaming with and for the Earth itself. Their constant work is to help those around them use dreams for guidance and healing …”

Robert Moss

We – the nearly 500 dreamers who make up the global network we call “350 Dreamers” — are those dream helpers. We are developing our power of dreaming – whether we are just learning to remember our dreams or whether we are developing our abilities to lucidly wake in the dream and move into deep states of consciousness to access profound healing wisdom and power.

Let’s see what wisdom and guidance we can access from our dreams and add to that of Chief Seattle and Robert Moss!

Every dream and every dreamer’s intention is valuable and valued in this project – which I hope will be joyful, creative, community-building and consciousness-expanding for all involved.

I look forward to dreaming with you on the New Moon!

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