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I have recently begun giving dream homework to my students.  teens and pre-teens mostly). I tell them to be prepared to bring a dream to class. They tell me they don’t remember their dreams, or they had a dream once a long time ago and it was just weird. They ask why I’m asking of this. After all, I’m there to teach writing (one of my jobs) or college prep (another job). What’ve dreams got to do with it?

Everything starts with a dream, I tell them.

Dreams incubate our ideas, our futures, our songs and poems.

I believe dreams can help us heal our bodies and our world.

The first step is to pay attention. Simply set the intention to remember your dreams.

Eventually you’ll be able to wake within your dreams, guide them and converse with them. But first just try to remember them.

For some practical suggestions click here.

And dream on 🙂

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