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Lucid Dream

Image by Robot Monster via Flickr

Here in the Pioneer Valley where I live, love, work and dream, it is the season of the harvest. And our Sept. 8 New Moon Group Dream netted an amazing bounty of dream imagery and dream power!

We had dreamers participating from around the globe including Canada, The Netherlands, Japan, and all around the US.

Dream theme ranged from searches for justice to calls to meditate; the importance of letting go, and the energy of healing. Imagery included children, classrooms, banking, babies, beaches, sneakers and more.

Dream experiences included lucid dreams, dreams within dreams, forgotten dreams, dream fragments, shamanic journeys, and false awakenings!

But best of all was the range of dreamers and their affiliations. We had an entire class from The School of Metaphysics dreaming with us, dreamers who are studying at the Institute for Dream Studies, and members of the International Association for the Study of Dreams … just to name a few!

Join our incredible, eclectic group of dreamers. Whether you rarely recall a dream, or you are an experienced dream explorer … a dreamologist or a dream skeptic … we welcome your intention to bring healing energy and activity to our planet through the power of dreams and visions.

Our next New Moon Group Dream will take place on the night of Thursday , Oct. 7. I can only imagine the bounty that’s in store for us then!

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