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In preparation for tonight’s dream I am carrying a small silver heart in my front pocket. Each time I touch it I touch in with the Gulf in my heart and mind.

Tonight I’ll set my intention to have a healing dream for the Gulf, its waters, inhabitants and neighbors!

Tomorrow, whatever I dream, whether it seems to relate to my intention or not, whether it’s a fragment or a full narrative, I’ll post it here (using the COMMENT function below). 

I invite all of you to do the same! Please share your dreams, your reflections, intentions and experience with group dreaming here. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to dream in harmony with hundreds of others from around the world!

I look forward to reading your dreams in the morning & the days to come!

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty impressed by the power of our group dream for healing the Gulf on the night of July 11. Within days after our dream, with dreamers from all over the word participating … the leak was capped, and  we had the first good news from the Gulf since the disaster began in April!

Coincidence? Maybe. But I’d like to see more coincidences like that one.

So, let’s do it again. I’m proposing that we dream together on the night of the New Moon each month:

August 10

September 8

October 7

November 6

December 5

January 4, 2011

February 3

March 4

April 3

May 3

June 1

July 1

July 30

I’ll send out reminders prior to each group dream … and I look forward to hearing from you … and to dreaming with you!

Let’s keep those ‘coincidences’ coming!

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