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How’d we do our first time dreaming as a group? In a word: Brilliantly! Here are some highlights:

  • On the night of May 23-24, dreamers participated in our first 350Dreamers group dream for global healing.
  • Hits to this site spiked in the past few days.
  • About 15 new dreamers sign up on the Facebook page in the past 48 hours! Our dream is growing!
  • Several dreamers reported to me ‘off-line’ and by email to let me know that they participated. Many reported beautiful, healing dreams. Some are posted on this blog … just click on the tab above to view them.
  • A few people said they tried conscious dreaming for the first time, but didn’t remember their dreams. Hey, that’s why we’re practicing!
  • One dreamer, who rarely remembers a dream or even that she dreamed at all, said she invited a healing dream, and though she can’t recall it, she knows she had one! That’s progress!

If you want to post your dream to the site I hope you will. Post it as a comment under the tab for May 23/24 dreams above.

In the meantime, visit the links on this page and read the other posts to learn how to invite dreams in answer to your requests.

Look forward to meeting all of you in dreamland again next month for our June 23/24 group dream!


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