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Sometimes when I tell people that one of the ways I express my environmental activism is to lead group dreams for global healing, I’m met with skepticism. People, understandably wonder if dreams can really make a difference.

After all, when we refer to someone as a dreamer, we often imply that they don’t have their feet on the ground, so to speak; that they live in a fantasy world without taking action in any tangible ways.

Also, with a heat wave sweeping the East Coast, tides rising around the world and, and strange weather patterns becoming almost commonplace … can we really say we’re impacting global climate change?

Well, yes. I believe that 350 Dreamers can claim some amazing results. Our dream nights have brought together people from around the globe, helping us to build our concern and caring for people in other parts of the world.

And consider this:

  • In sharing dreams across personal, cultural, and national boundaries, we learn we have shared concerns.
  • Dreams bring us closer to the natural world.
  • By focusing on global healing in our dreams, we are less able to live in denial, or to pretend our actions do not matter.

So, yes, dreams can help create community and dissolve boundaries. Yes, dreams are linked to the environment and link us to it as well. And yes, dreams do matter, they heal and have the power to help us to be healing agents.


Join the Conversation:

What benefits of group dreaming for the environment would you add to this list?

How has dreaming made you a more caring, healing, or helpful person in  your waking life?



This post is excerpted from my recent talk about 350 Dreamers given at the International Association for the Study of Dreams annual conference in Berkeley California.

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