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Gatherings of people, including large crowds, parties, celebrations and holidays were the most common themes for August’s group dream. Members of 350 Dreamers dreamed of people coming together for healing, to share food, to observe holidays, to dance and even to shower! Talk about uniting for a cause, one person dreamed of a Unity minister and another of United Airlines.

What does this repeating dream imagery mean when filtered through the lens of our intention, to dream for planet Earth? To me it affirms that by uniting in our intention to dream together, we are creating constellations of healing energy around the planet. Our dreaming minds seem to be chorusing back that intention in their imagery and symbolism!

Talk about a crowd, as of today, August 30 we have 324 members from all around the globe and representing several provinces in Canada and more than half the states in the U.S. plus Puerto Rico! For our August dream 20 people posted 40 dream reports to our blog (click the “Aug. 23/24 dreams” tab at the top of this page to read and/or to add yours).

Other dream themes I noticed in this month’s collection included dreams about religious sites and leaders (synagogues, churches, shrines, a sufi teacher and a Unity minister). Also prominent were dreams that featured color, especially colors along the purple spectrum (lavender/lilac/amethyst). Also there were a few dreams about washing, many dreams (again – see July’s dreams) involving water as well as the appearance of many animals and underground rooms and treasures.

If you haven’t posted your dream, dream fragment or dream experience (how it felt to set the intention even if you didn’t recall a dream, etc.) please don’t hesitate to do so now!

In the meantime, I look forward to dreaming with you all again in Sepember!

Wishing vivid, healing dreams to all!

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