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Calling all Dreamers!

I want to encourage you to visit a wonderful cyber-art gallery filled with Dream Art as part of┬áthe International Association of Dream Studies’ web site.

I hope you will visit and be inspired by what you see! (Please be sure to look at some of 350 Dreamers’ members artwork! Congratulations to Dolores, Roger, and others of our dreamers who have works featured on that site!)

Meanwhile, I’m inspired by this Dream Art Show … and by a comment from Joanne on our September dream page.

As a result, I’d like to invite all of ‘350 Dreamers’ participants to create artwork inspired by their dreams and visions from any of our group dream nights. If you can scan your images, perhaps we, too can create a visual display of our Dreams!

This could be a powerful way to honor our dreams and to honor the communal dreaming we’ve been doing together … and it could be part of our final group dream on the night of Oct. 23rd, 2009.

Since I’m technologically impaired, I welcome comments and feedback as to how we can best post and display our artwork!

Dream Big!


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