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5/ May/ 2012

Contact: Tzivia Gover

Dream with us on the night of May 5!


Inspired by, 350 Dreamers is a global community of people who dedicate their dreams to Global Healing in the face of the climate change crisis. We choose a night and agree to invite and incubate dreams for global healing. On Saturday, May 5, 2012 350 Dreamers will have a group dream in tandem with’s worldwide day of demonstrations, “Connect The Dots” event.

WHO: Over 500 dreamers from all over the world, including: Argentina, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, Iran, Japan, the United States, England … and many more!

WHAT: DREAM with 350Dreamers on Saturday night, May 5, in our quest to use the power of dreams to help heal the planet Earth in the face of global climate change.

WHERE: Wherever you are! Simply set your intention to dream with us when you got to bed on the night of May 5! Then join us on and post your dreams, dream fragments, comments, or questions in the morning.

WHY: Because we believe in the power of dreams to heal, to create community, to inspire, and to lead to creative solutions!

WHEN: The night of May 5, 2012, in conjunction with’s day of action, “Connect the Dots.”

HOW: Dream, journey and/or vision to bring healing energy to the Earth on the night of’s day of action, “Connect the Dots,” to raise awareness and take action in the face of Global Climate Change. * Before bed on that night, set your intention to have a healing dream for our planet. Write this intention down and be prepared with a pen, notebook and flashlight next to your bed to record any dreams or fragments you recall. * Then post your dreams (or dream fragment, reflection, whatever you have) on our blog as a comment! (Click the “Dream With Us” and “How To” links above to learn how to join in! It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s powerful!)

This event sponored by 350 Dreamers ( is part of a worldwide day of action in hundreds of communities across the globe connecting the dots between climate impacts like extreme weather, global warming, and the causes of the crisis. The events will dramatize that climate change is no longer a problem for the future, but an immediate crisis that is already effecting millions of people around the world. Climate Impacts Day is hosted, an international grassroots climate campaign. for more information.

Questions? Contact Tzivia at or visit us at 350 Dreamers on Facebook.


### is an international grassroots climate campaign active in over 180 countries around the world. “350” stands for 350 parts per million, the safe upper limit of carbon in the atmosphere. We are currently at 392ppm and rising.



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