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What a beautiful bouquet of dreams we amassed this month. At least a dozen dreamers representing several countries reported nearly 30 dreams for global healing! 

Some of the recurrent symbols in this month’s dreams were:

  • children/babies/youth, appeared in at least 7 of the 30 dreams;
  • water, in the form of rain, swimming pools, etc., appeared in at least 5 dreams;
  • places and people that offer nourishment, such as bars/cafes/restaurants, appeared in 5 dreams … 

The themes or messages people found in their dreams and the dreams of others included:

  • abundance and issues of handling the earth’s resources with care, including “renegotiating our transactions with planet earth,” and global sustainability and survival … 
  • learning from each other …
  • and preserving the gifts we’ve inherited from Planet Earth for future generations.

In addition to those who recorded and shared their dreams, many more dreamers reported that they tried to incubate dreams for global healing, but couldn’t remember any dreams when they woke. Of course we all know that whether we remember our dreams or not, we did dream … so even those dreams that slipped away from consciousness like eels (as one dreamer from Japan put it) were still part of our effort, and are still part of the communal energy we created.

In reflecting on what all of this ‘means’ I have no concrete answers. But the act of dreaming together across the globe, the conversations that were generated on the site and off, and the sense of a communal effort, are among the strong and lasting impressions that I come away from this month’s dream experience with. 

Please share any feedback you might have about what this experience was like for you, whether or not you posted a dream here. 

And I look forward to dreaming with all of you again next month!


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