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You set your intention to dream with us … now, let us know what your experience dreaming with 350 Dreamers was like!

Just click the comments tab and record your dream, dream fragment, or your experience of setting an intention to dream with us — whether or not you remember a dream! Together we are a global community of dreamers, strengthening our commitment to care for the earth and each other by participating in this activity together.

It’s free, it’s fun, it’s powerful … and it feels good!

So join us in the dream, join us in the conversation, and join together for global healing.

Record your dream here, as a comment, after you dream with us on the new moon night of Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013.

What: We invite you to dream with us in our quest to use the power of dreams to help heal Planet Earth!

Dream, journey and/or vision for the Earth on the night of our group dream and post your dreams as a comment on this blog in the morning!

Why: Because Global Climate Change isIMG_3205 threatening our beautiful planet and because we have the power to create positive, healing change.

When: Tuesday night December 3

Where: Wherever you are …

Who: We have more than 700 dreamers signed up from Belgium, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Canada, Japan, Argentina, The United States … add your nation to the list!

RSVP: Let us know you’ll be dreaming with us by joining 350 Dreamers on FaceBook (the easiest way for us to keep track of all you dreamers) or just let us know here!

New Gold Dream...

Image by law_keven via Flickr

Join 350+ Dreamers (we’re now more than 500 dreamers from around the globe!) and dream with us on the night of the new moon, Friday, March 4!

On March 5 or thereafter POST YOUR DREAMS HERE as a comment. JOIN THE CONVERSATION!
Here’s how:

DREAM with us on Friday night, March 4, in our quest to use the power of dreams to help heal the planet Earth in the face …of global climate change.

Dream, journey and/or vision to bring healing energy to the Earth on the night of the New Moon: March 4.

Before bed on that night, set your intention to have a healing dream for our planet. Write this intention down and be prepared with a pen, notebook and flashlight next to your bed to record any dreams or fragments you recall.

Then post your dreams (or dream fragment, reflection, whatever you have) here as a comment!

We have the power to create positive, healing change.

We have dreamers signed up from Puerto Rico, Panama, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Argentina, Belgium, The Netherlands, The United States and more … we hope you’ll add your state or nation to the list!

Wishing healing dreams to one and all!

Hello Dreamers!

On the morning of September 9, (or after), post your dreams from our Sept. 8 group dream here (as a comment). To learn how to participate, click on the “How To” tab above.

May your dreams be beautiful, strong, powerful and … healing!


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