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A couple of months ago my friend and I went to hear author and environmentalist Bill McKibben speak at a local college. Honestly, I had mixed feeling about going to hear his talk on global climate change. After all, I already rinse out and reuse plastic bags, bike or walk instead of drive when I can, eat a nearly vegetarian diet and turn off lights behind friends, family members and co-workers in an effort to protect and conserve the earth’s precious resources. Why did I want to sit in an auditorium and be lectured at about the dire straits our planet is in?

But I left that auditorium feeling inspired. Bill McKibben invited everyone in the room to find a way to join his earth-saving crusade ( and dream up creative ways to draw attention to global warming – and global healing — on United Nations Day, Oct. 24, 2009.

 I took the challenge and here’s what I dreamed up:

 I decided to invite 350 people to focus their dreams and visions on global healing, all on the same night.

There is much evidence out there that our minds have the power to heal. So let’s put our heads together – our dreaming heads in this case – all on the same day, and direct our dreams to the same goal: healing our planet!

They say two heads are better than one – what about 350 heads?

 So, here’s what you can do:

  •  Invite your friends to join us. Sign up here or on Facebook.
  •  Join us for our monthly dream events … beginning tomorrow night, May 23/24 and culminating on the night of Oct. 23/24 by which time I hope to have 350 dreamers dreaming and visioning on the same night, all over the planet.
  • Post your dreams and visions (or links to pictures, poems, videos depicting their healing dreams and visions) here on the 350 Dreamers blog or facebook page.
  • Practice directing your dreams. There are suggestions on this blog, and on the links listed on this blog. It’s easier than you think. It’s powerful. It’s fun. It’s healing and inspiring.

 Sweet – and healing — dreams to all!



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