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dreams and wishes. 62/365

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After you dream with us on Tuesday night, Sept. 27, you can post your dreams here.

Just click the comments tab and record your dream, dream fragment, or your experience of setting an intention to dream with us — whether or not you remember a dream! Together we are a global community of dreamers, strengthening our commitment to care for the earth and each other by participating in this activity together.

It’s free, it’s fun, it’s powerful … and it feels good!

So join us in the dream, join us in the conversation, and join together for global healing!

… which means Dream Time is approaching. Our next group dream for Global Healing will be the night of Sept. 8th, (which is the New Moon, PLUS Roshashana [the Jewish New Year] PLUS the Virgin Mary’s Birthday PLUS my daughter’s birthday!) So, mark your calendars, practice your dream recall skills and get ready to dream 🙂

Sign up to dream with us at 350 Dreamers on Facebook.

350 Dreamers was created in response to a call to action by environmentalist and author Bill McKibben, founder of McKibben and asked people worldwide to take part in a grassroots day of consciousness raising and political action by planning creative and attention-getting actions to take place on October 24th, 2009.

I started 350 Dreamers after hearing a talk by McKibben, which stirred my desire to get involved by involving my core values:

  1. A belief in the power of dreams,
  2. A belief in the beauty of community and communal action and
  3. A commitment to healing on all levels from personal to planetary.

So, as we near’s global day of action (October 24) and 350 Dreamers’ final two  group dreams (on the nights of September 23 and October 23 respectively) I want take this opportunity to get the word out far and wide about who we are and what we are doing.

As of today we have 330 members from all over the U.S. and an impressive list of countries worldwide including Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark Israel, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Wales … and many more!

Let’s tell the world about it:

  1. Invite your friends and colleagues from around the corner and around the world to join us.
  2. Mention 350 Dreamers and on your blog, at meetings, at your dinner table and at dinner parties … you get the idea.
  3. Let your local DJ, blogger, print or broadcast journalists know about what we’re up to. There is a press release posted under the “Media” tab on this blog that you can copy and paste into emails onto your web site, etc.

In the meantime, I look forward to dreaming with all of you on the night of Wednesday, September 23.

Dream Big!


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