How to Dream with 350 Dreamers:

Dreaming with 350 Dreamers is easy, even if you don’t always remember your dreams, or you don’t know how to incubate a dream or set a dream intention.

The most important step in this process, is the intending. If you do nothing else … if you don’t remember your dreams … you can still intend to dream for Global Healing.

How do you set a dream intention? It’s simple:

  • State before bed, “I intend to dream for global healing tonight.”
  • To make the intention stronger, write it down. Some people write the intention in their dream journal or on a pad of paper next to the bed. Others write it on a piece of paper and slip it into their pillowcase or beneath their mattress. Any of these techniques will help solidify your intention in your mind.
  • Another good way to establish your intention is to begin thinking about it during the day. As you go about your tasks, anticipate the night of dreaming, and your intention to focus your dreams on global healing. Be receptive through your senses to the Earth. Take in its beauty, receive its abundance, open your heart to the sounds of birdsong or cricket song, or wind or water. Meditate if that appeals to you.
  • Be on the lookout for a natural object during the day: a stone, feather, flower or shell that you will place by your bed as you set your intention to dream for the earth at night.

And what if you don’t remember any dreams despite all of this effort at setting an intention? Don’t worry! By setting your intention to dream with a global community for global healing, whether you remember a dream or not, you’re building your sensitivity to the natural environment, global awareness and unity through the simple and meaningful act of intending.

So dream with us! It’s easy. It’s free. And it feels good!



After you dream with us, record your dream and submit it as a comment on our Facebook Page.


Feel free to post comments on others’ dreams…BUT PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE GUIDELINES:

Comment on the dream as it pertains to our groups shared intention. You might reflect on the message about global healing you draw from the dream.

Say what the dream would mean (in light of that intention) to you if it had come to you.

Then you may reflect back to the dreamer saying, “If this were my dream … ” then you may offer the message the dream brings for you, without assuming anything about the dreamer or her/his life.

This way dream sharing can be safe and productive for all involved.