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A couple of months ago my friend and I went to hear author and environmentalist Bill McKibben speak at a local college. Honestly, I had mixed feeling about going to hear his talk on global climate change. After all, I already rinse out and reuse plastic bags, bike or walk instead of drive when I can, eat a nearly vegetarian diet and turn off lights behind friends, family members and co-workers in an effort to protect and conserve the earth’s precious resources. Why did I want to sit in an auditorium and be lectured at about the dire straits our planet is in?

But I left that auditorium feeling inspired. Bill McKibben invited everyone in the room to find a way to join his earth-saving crusade ( and dream up creative ways to draw attention to global warming – and global healing — on United Nations Day, Oct. 24, 2009.

 I took the challenge and here’s what I dreamed up:

 I decided to invite 350 people to focus their dreams and visions on global healing, all on the same night.

There is much evidence out there that our minds have the power to heal. So let’s put our heads together – our dreaming heads in this case – all on the same day, and direct our dreams to the same goal: healing our planet!

They say two heads are better than one – what about 350 heads?

 So, here’s what you can do:

  •  Invite your friends to join us. Sign up here or on Facebook.
  •  Join us for our monthly dream events … beginning tomorrow night, May 23/24 and culminating on the night of Oct. 23/24 by which time I hope to have 350 dreamers dreaming and visioning on the same night, all over the planet.
  • Post your dreams and visions (or links to pictures, poems, videos depicting their healing dreams and visions) here on the 350 Dreamers blog or facebook page.
  • Practice directing your dreams. There are suggestions on this blog, and on the links listed on this blog. It’s easier than you think. It’s powerful. It’s fun. It’s healing and inspiring.

 Sweet – and healing — dreams to all!



Consider this quote from Dream guru Jeremy Taylor:

In my experience, all dreams (and particularly nightmares) come in the service of health and wholeness. This means that no dream, no matter how distressing or menacing, ever came to anyone to say, “Nyah, nyah, you’ve got these problems and you can’t do anything about them!” The very fact that a dream is remembered in the first place means that the dreamer actually has at his or her disposal all the courage, creativity, strength, and wisdom necessary to respond creatively and transformatively to even the worst “problem” that the dream presents. (If the dreamer were not in possession of all the energies required for positive, creative, transformative response, the dream would simply not be remembered.) This is true not only at the level of individual, psychospiritual health and wholeness, but at the level of world society, culture, and collective human struggle as well.

Ironically, for this reason I take heart every time I have (or hear about) a dream that involves large, planet-wide problems like destruction of the environment, plague, military conflict, or other massive disruption of society. The fact that we remember such dreams suggests that we are able to respond creatively and effectively to these problems, in the same fashion that dreams addressing seemingly “insoluble” personal problems always indicate our ability to deal with those problems. Nightmares may also provide symbolic suggestions and specific creative inspirations, provided we have the wit and wisdom to pay attention.

Dreaming is a 100 percent green activity! Participation requires absolutely no consuming, consumerism, gadgetry, chopping of trees, mining of mountains, exploiting of labor or depleting of resources! A bona-fide carbon neutral, earth-friendly activity! So, snuggle up and dream for the good of all 🙂

The stakes are high, the need is urgent: Climate change is underway. The health, sanity and safety of our planet are in the balance. So why organize 350 Dreamers as a healing strategy to address these seemingly overwhelming problems? Because dreaming is:

1. Universal. Everyone, everywhere, from every background does it, can do it, etc.

2. Free. It doesn’t cost a dime! Your mind is free to create and conjure anything it desires!

3. Legal. Under every regime in every corner of the world, no matter what party is in power, whatever the form of government … dreaming is legal!

4. Time-efficient. We all sleep anyway. Why not put this time to good use?

5. Fun. Dreamscapes can be beautiful, haunting, entertaining, intriguing. Every night a new show!

6. Punny. Dreams are full of puns, clever turns of phrase.

7. Powerful. There’s no telling what 350 dreamers might create, what healing energies we might set into motion. Every great idea, initiative, movement starts with a dream.

9. Communal. Two heads are better than one. And 350 are better still. What might we dream up together?

10. Healing. Dreams come in the service of healing: Individual, communal and global.

I have recently begun giving dream homework to my students.  teens and pre-teens mostly). I tell them to be prepared to bring a dream to class. They tell me they don’t remember their dreams, or they had a dream once a long time ago and it was just weird. They ask why I’m asking of this. After all, I’m there to teach writing (one of my jobs) or college prep (another job). What’ve dreams got to do with it?

Everything starts with a dream, I tell them.

Dreams incubate our ideas, our futures, our songs and poems.

I believe dreams can help us heal our bodies and our world.

The first step is to pay attention. Simply set the intention to remember your dreams.

Eventually you’ll be able to wake within your dreams, guide them and converse with them. But first just try to remember them.

For some practical suggestions click here.

And dream on 🙂

350 Dreamers is a group of people committed to global healing through global dreaming.

Inspired by’s initiative to raise consciousness about the urgent need for action in order to reverse the effects of global warming, 350 Dreamers is an opportunity for dreamers and visionaries to intensify our energy by dreaming together toward the same goal.

Our goal is to put our minds’ together on Oct. 23-24 2009 as part of’s global day of earth-loving actions — and dream together to heal the planet. 

Visit us on Facebook, too, and join our ranks! Everything starts with a dream, after all.

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