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On the eve of 350 Dreamers’ night of communal dreaming for global healing, I attended a lecture at Smith College sponsored by the Western Massachusetts Association of Jungian Psychology. Ethne J. Gray was presenting a lecture on “Archetypal Patterns in Dream Incubation.” Ms. Gray, a South African born Jungian analyst who is on the faculty of the CG Jung Institute in Boston, and who is a professor of Jungian Art Therapy, talked about the Aesclepian dream temples of ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. People would come to these temples, set in a sacred grove with a running stream or river nearby, to incubate healing dreams.

These dream temples were places of mystery, and sanctuaries of holistic healing. Music, poetry and beauty were incorporated to create a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. Tame snakes, representing the god Aesclepius, would slither about the temple and visitors would make offerings of oats, honey and cakes. Those in search of healing would would then rest on couches arranged in a circle in a portico, intending to sleep and be visited by Aesclepius, or a member of the feminine trinity, Hygea (his daughter), Panacea or Epione (his wife).

Aesclepius, it is interesting to note, became a divine healer after he himself had been mortally wounded. The poison that wounded him became the medicine that healed him. Thus was born the concept of the wounded healer, and the notion that that which wounds, heals.

Jung, apparently, embraced this concept, teaching that poison is the thing that cures and what hurts, is the very thing that heals — if we take it in consciously and in the right way.

Autumn, the season when leaves wither and die, a time of letting go, is also the season of the myth of Demeter and Persephone, Gray noted, a myth of death and renewal. This, it seems is an ideal time for incubating dreams of healing for our planet. Within the poisonous greed and unconsciousness that threaten our planet must be the seeds for renewal and healing.

All of these thoughts and images are swirling through my mind, like the colorful falling leaves that landed against my windshield as I drove home in the drizzling night.

And now I imagine us heading toward our sleeping chambers, as the ancient Greeks might have entered their dream temples, ready to welcome Aesclepius, or any other healing spirit to guide us toward global transformation.

We invite you to create a piece of artwork based on one or more of your dreams for Global Healing and post a picture on our 350 Dreamers facebook page, or email the image or link to me and I’ll post it here.

Featured in this post is a beautiful Dream Mandala created by one of our dreamers,  Bobbie Ann Pimm. What do your dreams look like?

As we approach our final dream, we are 393 dreamers strong! We’ll be dreaming in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Iran, Israel, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, The USA & Puerto Rico and Wales!

We include dreamers who rarely recall a dream, and dreamers who can go lucid at the drop of an eyelid 🙂 We count among our members  high school students and Ph.D.s.

Together we will be dreaming dreams of global healing Friday night Oct. 23, to usher in’s day of Global Action to heal Climate Change, which will begin when we wake up on Oct. 24th.

I look forward to dreaming with all of you!

Read all about it … click here 🙂

Calling all Dreamers!

I want to encourage you to visit a wonderful cyber-art gallery filled with Dream Art as part of the International Association of Dream Studies’ web site.

I hope you will visit and be inspired by what you see! (Please be sure to look at some of 350 Dreamers’ members artwork! Congratulations to Dolores, Roger, and others of our dreamers who have works featured on that site!)

Meanwhile, I’m inspired by this Dream Art Show … and by a comment from Joanne on our September dream page.

As a result, I’d like to invite all of ‘350 Dreamers’ participants to create artwork inspired by their dreams and visions from any of our group dream nights. If you can scan your images, perhaps we, too can create a visual display of our Dreams!

This could be a powerful way to honor our dreams and to honor the communal dreaming we’ve been doing together … and it could be part of our final group dream on the night of Oct. 23rd, 2009.

Since I’m technologically impaired, I welcome comments and feedback as to how we can best post and display our artwork!

Dream Big!


350 Dreamers was created in response to a call to action by environmentalist and author Bill McKibben, founder of McKibben and asked people worldwide to take part in a grassroots day of consciousness raising and political action by planning creative and attention-getting actions to take place on October 24th, 2009.

I started 350 Dreamers after hearing a talk by McKibben, which stirred my desire to get involved by involving my core values:

  1. A belief in the power of dreams,
  2. A belief in the beauty of community and communal action and
  3. A commitment to healing on all levels from personal to planetary.

So, as we near’s global day of action (October 24) and 350 Dreamers’ final two  group dreams (on the nights of September 23 and October 23 respectively) I want take this opportunity to get the word out far and wide about who we are and what we are doing.

As of today we have 330 members from all over the U.S. and an impressive list of countries worldwide including Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark Israel, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Wales … and many more!

Let’s tell the world about it:

  1. Invite your friends and colleagues from around the corner and around the world to join us.
  2. Mention 350 Dreamers and on your blog, at meetings, at your dinner table and at dinner parties … you get the idea.
  3. Let your local DJ, blogger, print or broadcast journalists know about what we’re up to. There is a press release posted under the “Media” tab on this blog that you can copy and paste into emails onto your web site, etc.

In the meantime, I look forward to dreaming with all of you on the night of Wednesday, September 23.

Dream Big!


Gatherings of people, including large crowds, parties, celebrations and holidays were the most common themes for August’s group dream. Members of 350 Dreamers dreamed of people coming together for healing, to share food, to observe holidays, to dance and even to shower! Talk about uniting for a cause, one person dreamed of a Unity minister and another of United Airlines.

What does this repeating dream imagery mean when filtered through the lens of our intention, to dream for planet Earth? To me it affirms that by uniting in our intention to dream together, we are creating constellations of healing energy around the planet. Our dreaming minds seem to be chorusing back that intention in their imagery and symbolism!

Talk about a crowd, as of today, August 30 we have 324 members from all around the globe and representing several provinces in Canada and more than half the states in the U.S. plus Puerto Rico! For our August dream 20 people posted 40 dream reports to our blog (click the “Aug. 23/24 dreams” tab at the top of this page to read and/or to add yours).

Other dream themes I noticed in this month’s collection included dreams about religious sites and leaders (synagogues, churches, shrines, a sufi teacher and a Unity minister). Also prominent were dreams that featured color, especially colors along the purple spectrum (lavender/lilac/amethyst). Also there were a few dreams about washing, many dreams (again – see July’s dreams) involving water as well as the appearance of many animals and underground rooms and treasures.

If you haven’t posted your dream, dream fragment or dream experience (how it felt to set the intention even if you didn’t recall a dream, etc.) please don’t hesitate to do so now!

In the meantime, I look forward to dreaming with you all again in Sepember!

Wishing vivid, healing dreams to all!

I was just now talking to my friend Molly and I reminded her that Sunday night, August 23, is 350 Dreamers’ night to dream for global healing.

“I’d like to join you, but how do I do it?” she asked.

A lot of people ask me this. They say they don’t always remember their dreams, don’t know how to incubate dreams, and aren’t sure they can do it. So, I’ve been thinking, what exactly are we doing, anyway? What’s important about this process? And can anybody do it?

Here’s what I told Molly:

The most important step in this process, might just be the intending. If you do nothing else … if you don’t remember your dreams … you can still intend.

“Intend to dream for global healing on the night of August 23rd,” I told Molly.

“But how do I do that?” she asked.

The simplest answer is simply this: State before bed, “I intend to dream for global healing tonight.”

Taking it one step further, you can write your intention down.

And one step further again … begin setting this intention during the day. As you go about your tasks, anticipate the night of dreaming, and your intention to focus your dreams on global healing. Be receptive through your senses to the Earth. Take in its beauty, receive its abundance, open your heart to the sounds of birdsong or cricket song, or wind or water. Meditate if that appeals to you.

Be on the lookout for a natural object during the day: a stone, feather, flower or shell that you will place by your bed as you set your intention to dream for the earth at night.

This way, before we even go to sleep, we are creating our own dream of global awareness and unity through the simple and meaningful act of intending.

Happily, Molly agreed. I hope you do, too.

What a beautiful bouquet of dreams we amassed this month. At least a dozen dreamers representing several countries reported nearly 30 dreams for global healing! 

Some of the recurrent symbols in this month’s dreams were:

  • children/babies/youth, appeared in at least 7 of the 30 dreams;
  • water, in the form of rain, swimming pools, etc., appeared in at least 5 dreams;
  • places and people that offer nourishment, such as bars/cafes/restaurants, appeared in 5 dreams … 

The themes or messages people found in their dreams and the dreams of others included:

  • abundance and issues of handling the earth’s resources with care, including “renegotiating our transactions with planet earth,” and global sustainability and survival … 
  • learning from each other …
  • and preserving the gifts we’ve inherited from Planet Earth for future generations.

In addition to those who recorded and shared their dreams, many more dreamers reported that they tried to incubate dreams for global healing, but couldn’t remember any dreams when they woke. Of course we all know that whether we remember our dreams or not, we did dream … so even those dreams that slipped away from consciousness like eels (as one dreamer from Japan put it) were still part of our effort, and are still part of the communal energy we created.

In reflecting on what all of this ‘means’ I have no concrete answers. But the act of dreaming together across the globe, the conversations that were generated on the site and off, and the sense of a communal effort, are among the strong and lasting impressions that I come away from this month’s dream experience with. 

Please share any feedback you might have about what this experience was like for you, whether or not you posted a dream here. 

And I look forward to dreaming with all of you again next month!


What a week to be a dreamer! Thirty-nine dreamers have joined us in the past six days alone. So, when we dream together for global healing tomorrow night, July 23, we’ll be 225 dreamers strong! (Our goal is to have at least 350 Dreamers by Oct. 23 for our Big Dream!)

So, set your intention the night of the 23rd, and when you wake on the 24th — post your dream to this site. Just click on the tab above that says July 23/24 dream … and post your dream (or dream fragment … whatever you have …) as a comment.

For more detailed instructions click the “How To” tab or the “Monthly Dream Practice” tab.

For suggestions on how to remember and incubate dreams, check out older posts on this site, or visit the links on the blogroll.

Wishing healing dreams to one and all!


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