For IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 10, 2009

Contact: Tzivia Gover

Dreaming for Global Healing

HOLYOKE, Mass. — It has been said that nothing happens in reality that isn’t first experienced in a dream. Taking that message to heart, Tzivia Gover of Holyoke, Mass., launched “350 Dreamers”, a global network of people who are using the power of dreams to take action and raise awareness about the negative effects of global climate change.

The goal is to have 350 dreamers (or more) dedicating their dreams to global healing on the night of October 23rd and into the morning of October 24th, as part of’s day of world-wide action.

The project began in April, after Gover heard Bill McKibben, environmental author and founder of, speak at a local college. McKibben’s is an international campaign dedicated to creating an equitable global climate treaty that lowers carbon dioxide below 350 parts per million, the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. is coordinating an international day of action on October 24 at hundreds of places around the world – from the Taj Mahal to the Great Barrier Reef, with the intention of sparking a global movement that will unite the public, media, and political leaders behind the 350 goal.

After hearing McKibben’s call for creative projects that would draw attention to the dangers of global climate change and the necessity of taking action, Gover, who has long been interested in dreams, came up with the idea of inviting people worldwide to use the power of their minds to help create change.

She started “350 Dreamers” on April 11, 2009, by launching a Facebook page and blog ( By the next day just three people had signed on — but within five months, 325 dreamers from around the world, including, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, The United States and Wales, among others, have joined the effort.

The members of “350 Dreamers” run the gamut from those who have trouble recalling their dreams to internationally-recognized dream experts and authors.

“They say 2 heads are better than one – so just think what 350 minds dreaming together can achieve,” says Gover.

People interested in learning more about the project can join “350 Dreamers” on Facebook, or visit

“Nothing happens but first a dream.” — Carl Sandburg, poet

“Nothing of significance happens unless it is first previewed in a dream.” – Edgar Cayce, author and psychic