Image Soulstice is a powerful time for personal and collective shifts.

 Soulstice is a time to heal old energies and empower what you want to manifest.

 Soulstice is a good time to meditate on your current life situation, set intentions, and pray for guidance and support. It is also a good time for building community through soulstice gatherings and rituals.

 Ask yourself: What do I want to bring into my life at this time? What do I want to let go of?

In the days leading up to Soulstice, look at your life and your dreams to get a clear picture of your successes, challenges, and needs or desires at this point in your life. Once you’ve identified the most important one(s), ask:

 How is this dream/situation serving my spiritual growth?

 What is the lesson and the gift in this dream/situation?

 What is the message for me in this dream/situation?

Next, consider what you’d like to affirm about your life, what you’d like to invite into your life, and what would you like to release.

Create a simple ritual for inviting in the energies you want to manifest, and those you want to release.

Before saying goodbye to the things you are letting go, be sure to thank them for the learning and growth they provided.

Incubate a dream to empower your intentions and gain information about your strengths and challenges in relation to them.


In the days leading up to and following your Soulstice ritual and/or dream incubation, pay attention to dreams and synchronicities that enter your life. Write them down and be prepared to let the messages unfold over time. Remember:

 Dreams rarely give yes or no answers; they speak primarily in metaphor and image,

which can help you see multiple facets of a situation.

 In the end, the choice of what action to take is yours, and you are responsible for any actions you choose to take.

 Work from the inside out. Small energetic shifts internally can net the most satisfying and profound results. Keep checking in with your dreams to see if you are moving in the right direction and to receive “course corrections” as needed.


Summer Solstice 2014 takes place on June 21, at 3:21 a.m. This is the most powerful time to set your intentions. Other powerful points in the day are noon, sunset and midnight.