While some think dreams are purely random occurrences over which we have no control, the practical reality is quite different. With even a little effort and practice, most anyone can learn to incubate a dream. The instructions I offer are quite simple:

  • Practice remembering your dreams by taking an interest in them. Start to record them in writing, drawing or even using the voice memos feature on your phone. Even if you don’t remember a dream, record anything at all you do remember, including emotions, a felt sense of having dreamt about a general situation or topic.
  • Before bed on 350 Dream night—or anytime you choose–set an intention: “Tonight I dedicate my dreams to global healing,” is one our group uses often.
  • Put a picture or object that represents your intention–in this case a natural object such as a stone, feather, or plant–near your bed, or under your pillow or mattress.
  • Record your dream in the morning and review it for any ways it might connect with your intention.

Incubating dreams by setting dream intentions is a way to focus your attention—a skill that is helpful both awake and asleep. Where our thoughts go our actions and energies go. Where our dreams go, so our consciousness follows.

Setting dream intentions makes us more conscious agents of our lives and our environments.

Photo by Aja Riggs


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