Thought this was worth sharing again on Mothers Day Weekend…

350 Dreamers

In my first days at college, a new friend invited me up to her dorm room. Hanging above her bed was a poster that pictured the earth as seen from space, under which were printed the words, “Love Your Mother.”

Eager to make conversation, I said, “So, you’re close to your mom, huh?”

My new friend, as gracefully as she could, pointed out that the poster was a statement about environmentalism, not family ties.

Oops. The good news is that the friendship flourished, despite my inane remark.

But, like a dream that we revisit over the years, I now look back on that moment and see something else, besides just a cringe-worthy freshman-year faux pas.

My initial blindness to the collective message in that poster’s symbolism mirrors, to some degree, a problem that most of us in western culture have when it comes to understanding dreams.

Sigmund Freud made dream…

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