On my final night of a summer writing workshop last week, the host asked who would be continuing with the program in the fall. Almost in unison the six of us who were gathered on comfy couches in the studio whined: “I can’t, I’m too busy!”

We each went on to list our multiple obligations, jobs, hobbies, relationships … until we sank into a morass of negativity about the scarcity of time as compared to the abundance of our needs to do … STUFF!

I, too, was singing out my to-do list, and finishing it off with my familiar refrain: “But I just love doing all of it, I don’t know what to give up!”

Can my overflowing datebook really be a problem if it’s filled with things I deem as valuable and enjoyable?

Umm. In a word: Yes!

Those of us who are part of 350 Dreamers, care about the earth and mindfully using its resources. But what about our own inner resources?

As for me, I realize that while I’m meticulous about consciously using the Earth’s resources, I spend my own energy recklessly.

Is my compulsive doing in the name of “good” any different from the way others gobble up trees, water and fuel to build a “better and better” future?

We senselessly deplete our physical environment in the name of having more of the things we say we love: Electronic toys, lush green lawns, speedy trips to our favorite places in our cars …

… and we senselessly deplete our inner resources when we just can’t seem to pick and choose where to focus our energy.

When it comes to the Earth’s resources I know how to use less and care more for what I have: I rinse and re-use plastic bags, park the car and use my bicycle more, I compost food waste and shop less and greener.)

To start conserving my own resources, I’m now turning off the phone and modem for portions of each day. I’m practicing saying no and looking inside instead of looking outside for fulfillment.

The dream? To do fewer things more slowly and with more focus.

Please feel free and welcome to share your thoughts on how you seek to create energy balance in your inner world.


Bringing the message home:

Announcing 350 Dreamers upcoming group dreams for Global Healing:


In the name of doing less with more focus … for the near future 350 Dreamers will dream together quarterly—or as the need arises.
Our next Group Dream will take place the new moon night of September 27.
Following that we will dream on the night of the Winter Solstice, December 22.*
(*While we usually dream on the new moon, that date in December is 12/24, which might be a bit hectic for dreamers who celebrate the Christmas holidays.)