What a week to be a dreamer! Thirty-nine dreamers have joined us in the past six days alone. So, when we dream together for global healing tomorrow night, July 23, we’ll be 225 dreamers strong! (Our goal is to have at least 350 Dreamers by Oct. 23 for our Big Dream!)

So, set your intention the night of the 23rd, and when you wake on the 24th — post your dream to this site. Just click on the tab above that says July 23/24 dream … and post your dream (or dream fragment … whatever you have …) as a comment.

For more detailed instructions click the “How To” tab or the “Monthly Dream Practice” tab.

For suggestions on how to remember and incubate dreams, check out older posts on this site, or visit the links on the blogroll.

Wishing healing dreams to one and all!