Robert L. Van de Castle, author of Our Dreaming Mind writes of how he and a colleague, Henry Reed, developed a dream helper ceremony. I’m copying excerpts below, along with suggestions for adapting this practice for 350 Dreamers’ project to heal the earth through dreams and visions.

 “The telepathic dreamers are called dream helpers. Before retiring for the night, these dream helpers gather around the designated target person and engage in some activity to create a feeling of bonding. They might meditate, pray, sing together, or sit silently holding hands.”*

350 Dreamers can spend time outdoors, close to nature, pray, meditate, sing and listen to the Earth.

“It’s useful if the target person can loan some personal object – jewelry, a photograph an article of clothing – to each dream helper. Wearing that object or having it by the bedside will enable each dream helper to feel a special connection with the target person when they go to sleep that evening.”*

350 Dreamers can find an object from nature … a stone, feather, shell, leaf, etc., and keep it by their bed before dreaming.

“The dream helpers renounce the right to experience any personal dreams that night and dedicate all their dreaming activity to being of service to the target person. They ask to be used as a psychic vehicle to achieve understanding and healing for the target person.” *

 350 Dreamers: Just keep substituting the phrase “Planet Earth” for “target person.”

“They work diligently to maximize t heir dream recall during the night.”*

350 Dreamers can keep notebook and pen or pencil by the bedside, along with a flashlight. If you wake in the night, jot down any dream or dream fragments , no matter how random or unrelated to the task at hand they seem to be.

“The next morning, the dream helpers gather again with the target person and each one describes in detail the dreams remembered from the preceding night.” *

350 Dreamers will gather via the internet, sharing our dreams for Planet Earth on this blog, or our Facebook Page.

“A fascinating pattern emerges as the warp of one dreamer’s images is laid against the woof of another’s and dream strand after dream strand is woven into the rich collective tapestry.” … “Seldom does any one dream helper grasp the full significance of the target person’s problem. Like the proverbial bland men and the elephant, one descrbies the tail, one the leg, one the trunk, one the tusks, one the ears: but only when these discrete bits of information are assembled is it possible to grasp the nature of the elephant.”*

350 Dreamers will report all of our dreams and dream fragments, no matter how random or unrelated they might seem … together they will create a complete vision.

“If the time ever comes when we all agree to use the formidable power of our dreaming mind as dream helpers for each other, we will witness a positive change in planetary consciousness greater than the negative change in planetary consciousness following the dropping of the first atomic bomb.”*

 350 Dreamers say cheers to that! Let the dreaming begin!


*From: Our Dreaming Mind by Robert L. Van de Castle, Ph.D.

pp 436-438