The stakes are high, the need is urgent: Climate change is underway. The health, sanity and safety of our planet are in the balance. So why organize 350 Dreamers as a healing strategy to address these seemingly overwhelming problems? Because dreaming is:

1. Universal. Everyone, everywhere, from every background does it, can do it, etc.

2. Free. It doesn’t cost a dime! Your mind is free to create and conjure anything it desires!

3. Legal. Under every regime in every corner of the world, no matter what party is in power, whatever the form of government … dreaming is legal!

4. Time-efficient. We all sleep anyway. Why not put this time to good use?

5. Fun. Dreamscapes can be beautiful, haunting, entertaining, intriguing. Every night a new show!

6. Punny. Dreams are full of puns, clever turns of phrase.

7. Powerful. There’s no telling what 350 dreamers might create, what healing energies we might set into motion. Every great idea, initiative, movement starts with a dream.

9. Communal. Two heads are better than one. And 350 are better still. What might we dream up together?

10. Healing. Dreams come in the service of healing: Individual, communal and global.